Adjustable Hand Grips Black




“Work the muscles in the fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm with this adjustable hand-grip strengthener from Olympic Dream India. Using the tool can help improve grip strength and promote better hand dexterity and endurance. Just squeeze, release, and repeat. Use the strengthener to help increase efficiency of daily tasks, enhance performance in a variety of sports, prevent or recover from injury, or simply to reduce stress. The hand-grip strengthener works well for athletes, musicians, massage therapists, and others.

The level of resistance can be adjusted, making the hand-grip strengthener suitable for all levels. Easily increase the resistance as muscles become stronger. With the two-pack set, one strengthener can be used in each hand for simultaneous hand strengthening, or one can be used at home and the second at the office. The hand-grip strengtheners offer a compact, lightweight size that can be easily stored in a drawer or transported in a backpack or bag for on-the-go use.”


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