Adjustable Inline Skates Black




Olympic Dream India wheel & eight illumination wheels,fashion and looks beautiful. Triple protection:standard lace, velcro strap, high-strength buckle ABEC-7 bearing. Changeable brake as your request:left or right. Mesh breathable polyester&aluminum frame. How to adjust the size: 1.unitie the velcro strap the push button 3.pull/push the shoe as needed Precautions: 1.Always wear appropriate protective gear(wrist, arm and knee protection). 2.Be sure when the kids skate is under adult supervision 3.Check the brakes before starts it,and lubricate the bearings with oil or bearing oil if they are not gliding smoothly or making strange noise 4.Replace brake and ball bearing on a regular basis. 5.Do not modify your inline skates in a way that may endanger your safety


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