Billiard Snooker Professional Omin Candy Cue Stick




Enjoy class and style with timeless and elegant players with this snooker and pool cue! yet highly effective, cue is made of high quality materials, including natural hard wood. The traditional-looking design conceals superior craftsmanship, perfect for beginners to advanced shooters who prefer the compact, solid hit of a wood-to-wood joint. It’s available in 17-19 ounce cue weights and This Billiard cue is finished off with a 9 mm leather tip that is easy to shape for consistent ball control. This pool cue cover is made of qualified polyester material, tough and tensile, ensures a long time service. This cue cover can give your billiard stick a good protection from dust, dirt and scratch, prolong its lifespan. With adjustable strap on the backside, easy and convenient to carry. Hook & loop closure, simple design, great accessory for billiards sticks.


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