Cricket Kit for 5-13 Years




In this kit you will receive all cricket batting accessories like most first cricket tool cricket bat . Cricket bat in this kit made from fine kashmir willow “smasher” full size short handle bat. Smasher is fully hand crafted bat with short handle, curved toe, long mid blade, strong built, saravak cane batting leg guard pair made from premiumj quality pvc facing. Sports blue cricket kit with complete cricket batting accessories . good quality cricket kit for sports cricket players. “sherwood” batting hand gloves quality leather palm made from Finest pvc , mesh gusset for ventilation cotton filled finger rolls and thumbs. A large kit bag having maximum storage capacity to keep all cricket gears under one space . Completely heavy duty wheel base bag with side bat compartment area. Made of 4 cut pieces superior alum tanned leather chosen from top grade hide , water – proofed good quality center construction encased with layers of top quality cork wound with 100 % wool . Naturally seasoned inner core good abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention


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