Elbow band for pain relief, Breathable Elbow Support




“Are you fond of playing sports such as tennis, badminton, football, or simple exercises like running or jogging? If yes is the answer, then you would definitely require sports gear, suitable apparel, proper diet and most importantly, supportive systems to keep up the energy levels high. When it comes to equipping yourself with supporting accessories, you need to choose an elbow sleeve that would protect your elbow from any injury.

Apart from providing support to the problem area, such an accessory helps you safeguard yourself from reoccurrence of injuries, so that you can indulge in sports without worries! Obliq provides you with pain relieving elbow sleeves designed for different sizes, which you can wear during and after workout. These sleeves act as support system by providing valuable compression and increasing blood flow, so that you can do exercise without hurting yourself!”


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