Volleyball NET


Quality of product used- our model is made of 2 ply cotton and polyster respectively. Which makes Volleyball net light in weight and easy to carry. Also its light weight helps the net to fix firmly on its position when tied with poles/stands



We ensure longevity. Our net is made of strong and durable cotton polyester, which provides an extra durability with no tear. For every skill level – no matter what your age or skill level is, you all have one thing in common, a love for the game. Invite your friends to play and you will spend some nice time together,. Also we are proud save a tree as if our net come in a compact corrugated box packaging which is made from recycled papers. Features: I) Volleyball net is an easy thing to travel with as it is light so you can take it anywhere with you. Ii) the nylon mesh taping/sleeves provide extra durability


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