Equipments of Athletics

As a leading supplier of track and field equipment in the UK, Stadia Sports aims to provide athletes with the best athletics equipment available globally backed up with our expert level of knowledge to help you decide which products will be best for your needs.

Track and field refers to the group of athletics events that can be summarised as running, jumping and throwing that are held at stadiums and athletics venues. Most stadiums comprise of a 400mtr oval running track, usually with 8 lanes known as the ‘track’ with an area of grass in the centre which is split into various sections for individual events known as the ‘field’, hence track and field.

The track is used to hold the running events which include sprints, middle and long distance races plus hurdle races and relays which are measured on which athlete or team can complete the race in the fastest time. The track uses equipment such as starting blocks, Hurdles, relay batons plus measuring and timing equipment, of which Stadia Sports offers a wide range to meet varying budgets and requirements.

The field is used for both the throwing and jumping events which include Javelin, Discus, Shot Put , Hammer Throw, High Jump, Pole Vault, long jump and triple jump. All throwing events and jumping events are measured on distance in that which an athlete can throw the specified equipment or the distance at which an athlete has jumped. The majority and highest value athletics equipment is used on the field events such as javelins, discuses, shot put, hammers, throwing cages, landing areas, jumping uprights, vaulting poles, take off boards, sandpits plus all the accessories that accompany these products.