Diet of Badminton

Badminton players should aim to have a healthy balanced diet consisting of:

  • Vegetables and legumes
  • Fruits
  • Wholegrain bread & pasta, brown rice, noodles, wholegrain cereals, new potatoes with     the skin
  • Low Fat dairy products – Milk, yoghurt and cheese
  • Protein rich foods – Lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, tofu and pulses
  • Healthy fats – Olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocado
  • Lot of water

Carbohydrates are the essential sustenance needed to provide energy for high intensity training or during competition.  Therefore, meals should be based around foods rich in healthy carbohydrates to ensure sufficient fuel during activity. Try not to consume foods high in saturated fats and limit overall fat intake.

Healthy carbohydrates and fluids help replace glycogen and water losses throughout a match, it is scientifically proven that the muscles store more glycogen immediately after activity.

Protein is also essential to the recovery and to the maintenance of the body post-matches and training. Protein provides the amino acids responsible for rebuilding muscle tissues that are damaged during intense, prolonged exercise. It can also increase the absorption of water from the intestines and improve muscle hydration. The amino acids in protein can also stimulate the immune system, making you more resistant to colds and other infections.

A few examples of foods and beverages which aid recovery are, jelly beans, crumpets, white rolls, ripe bananas, watermelon, dates, yoghurt, low fat milk, recovery shakes (with low fat milk), Sports drink (to replenish electrolytes) and fresh fruit.