Records of Baseball

Record Player #
Highest batting average Ty Cobb .3662
Most singles Pete Rose 3,215
Most doubles Tris Speaker 792
Most triples Sam Crawford 309
Most home runs Barry Bonds 762
Most grand slams Alex Rodriguez 25
Most home runs by a pitcher Wes Ferrell 38
Most grand slams by a pitcher Madison Bumgarner 3
Oldest player to hit first home run Bartolo Colón 42 years, 349 days old
Youngest player to hit a home run Tommy Brown 17 years, 257 days old
Most runs batted in Hank Aaron 2,297
Most hits Pete Rose 4256
Most runs scored Rickey Henderson 2,295
Highest on-base percentage Ted Williams .482
Most stolen bases Rickey Henderson 1,406
Most steals of home Ty Cobb 54
Highest slugging percentage Babe Ruth .690
Highest on-base plus slugging Babe Ruth 1.164
Most walks Barry Bonds 2,558
Most intentional walks Barry Bonds 688
Most strikeouts Reggie Jackson 2,597
Most at-bats Pete Rose 14,555
Most total bases Hank Aaron 6,856
Most runs created Barry Bonds 2,892
Most games played Pete Rose 3,562