Diet of Boxing

Boxers must keep a consistently healthy diet in order to perform to their highest potential. Actually, this is true for most types of athletes. Contrary to what you may think if you watched the movie Rocky, you should know that drinking raw eggs is not required.

One of the major differences between boxers and other athletes is that they have to maintain their weight within a certain division to be able to compete.


Besides meat, eggs, tuna, peanut butter, and milk are an excellent source of pure protein. Remember, this is boxing and not weightlifting, so don’t try to be like a bodybuilder and eat one jar of peanut butter a day. It does nothing for you.

Fruits and Vegetables

Everybody needs vitamins, this is a requirement to be a healthy person in general. Eat a wide variety of them. Remember the more colorful the better.


Water, water, water! One gallon a day is minimum for everybody in general. Two to three gallons is a must if you workout hard and/or live in a hot state. Again, this is a minimum, if you can drink more, do it. Stay the hell away from alcohol, it will slow you down, fatten you up, and put you in more situations where you are likely to be straying away from the healthy boxer’s lifestyle!


Stick to healthy fats. In regards to your body fat, this has more to do with your genetic makeup than anything. If you have a body that builds up fat easily, stay away from unhealthy fats for at least five days out of the week. It’s ok to enjoy your food once a week since boxing training is very tough and will burn off the fat quickly anyways. Unless you’re an elite level boxer training for a world championship, your trainer won’t know about the ice cream you ate for breakfast.