Rules and Regulations of Canoe Sprint

Canoe Sprint races take place over 200 metres, 500 metres and 1000 metres.

Lanes are assigned depending on performances in the heats. The winners are awarded the centre lanes, which are deemed to be slightly advantageous.

In team events, no members of the crew can be swapped at any time, regardless of injury, illness or any other mitigating factors. Any team or athlete who cannot perform for any reason will be disqualified.

Committing any of the following fouls may result in a warning or complete disqualification:

  • Arriving late for the race
  • Missing a race
  • Committing two false starts

Breaking the 5-metre rule, which dictates that boats must remain inside a 5 metre boundary in their lane at all times

All boats will also be subject to checks at the end of the race to ensure they have complied with pre-agreed rules and regulations. Any boat found to have failed to adhere to these rules (such as weighing in light) would be disqualified.

An athlete or team is permitted to protest a caution or warning, but must do so immediately after the end of the race (20-minutes maximum) to the competition committee. The committee will make a prompt decision, and if the athlete/team does not agree with this ruling, they are allowed to then approach the jury within the next 20-minutes. Any ruling made by the jury is final.