Rules and Regulations of Cycling Mountain Bike

The International Mountain Bike Association has developed a set of rules for mountain biking to be followed in most of the events. The riders need to follow these set of rules in order to have a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

While finding out an injured biker on the trail, the rider should find a court marshal and inform about the injured rider.

Every player must register to the race before taking part in it. After registering to the race, every player will be provided with a number plate which has to be displayed by each player. In no way that plate can be cut or folded or mutilated and no stickers are allowed on the number plates.

Competitors must wear proper riding attire, i.e., a shirt, short and fully enclosed shoes.

The rider must know about the maintenance of a bike and all repairs must be performed by individual racers as no riders will be provided any off root repairing facilities.

If the rider somehow returns back to the staging area, he may be provided spare bikes or parts by the organizers and again will be allowed to re-enter in the competition.

The rider must follow the correct route for the race as deviation from the route may result in disqualification of the player from the race unless he re-enters in to the race from the point of exit.

Feed zones will be available throughout the race course for players who feel thirsty or hungry during a race but interfering with other players during feeding or hands-up may result in disqualification of the player.

No rider should throw food packets, wrappers or other wastes on the trail.

Any uproar behaviour or throwing tantrums during the race may lead to disqualification of the player.

Any kind of profanity or immoral behaviour towards other competitors or race workers may lead to disqualification of the player.

MP3 or other musical instruments are allowed but they must not interfere with a rider’s awareness of other racers as well as the race course.

In case of overtaking any other rider, the rider must not disturb the riding progress of others.


Mountain biking is a thrilling action sport which is popular worldwide because of its adventure-filled race events. Mountain biking is adventurous and it involves great risks.

In some cases serious and long term accidents and spinal injuries have been reported which have even pushed players into paralysis. Sometimes mountain bikers even fall from great heights where even the helmet is not strong enough to save them from head and neck injuries.

In some cases, wrist and facial fractures have also been reported. In case of more extreme biking like downhill biking, players may face severe injuries due to imbalance or accidents. Riders should choose trails in which they are more comfortable, in order to reduce the risks.