Rules and Regulations of Cycling Road

Start of Race

A racing bicycle or bike is manually driven by the rider by pedalling with no mechanical or electrical machinery attached. It is completely human powered and is the most important equipment to begin the cycle race. The racing bike driven by the cyclist should meet all the UCI standards before starting the race.

Start of Race

The start is by Starter’s pistol or whistle. For hearing impaired riders, a visual cue (flag or arm drop) shall be used to indicate the start of the clock / race in addition to the use of a starter’s pistol or whistle.


The finish is determined by placing or order of crossing the finish line.The race shall be declared finished when the front tire of the bike crosses the finish line.

If the course is more than 2.5 kilometers in length, more than one division may ride on the course at once. The divisions may be started at one-, two-, or three-minute intervals.

The competitors shall wear their entry numbers according to instructions by chief officials.

Prior to the race, the competitors shall have the opportunity to warm up and inspect the course.

Race Rules for All Events

A motorcycle or car may follow the last cyclist during a road race or a time trial.

Cyclists who experience mechanical problems may change any part of the bicycle or the entire bicycle, if necessary, to finish the race. Assistance is allowed. A competitor remounting the bike after a crash or mechanical problem and/or of a flat tire may be pushed up to 10 meters. Competitors may make no progress unaccompanied by a bicycle (relegation or disqualification). In the case of a crash, flat tire and/or mechanical problem, the competitor may run with the bicycle to the finish line, staying on the course – in the case of Unified Sports tandem teams, BOTH riders must be touching the bicycle while crossing the finish line.

Cyclists must keep at least one hand on the handle bars at all times – even at the finish of the race.

Radio use – no cyclist may use or carry radios for communication with other riders or coaches during competition.

Use of headphones of any style is prohibited while racing or training except on stationary equipment. Riders with certified hearing impairments may use hearing detection and amplifying devices.

Any special aero equipment used by the rider such as aero helmet, disc wheels, skinsuits, etc. must be used/worn in the divisioning events if the athlete is to be permitted to use/wear the items in the finals.