Diet of Diving

Day to day nutrition will play an important role in the success of diving athletes. Nutrition is often based around appropriately timed carbohydrate for fuel and lean proteins for muscle recovery, growth and repair. In addition, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholegrains provide important vitamins and minerals, along with some healthy fats.

Some divers may with concerns about stomach issues may miss breakfast before early morning training sessions. However, to maximise performance, having a carbohydrate rich liquid such as flavoured milk or smoothies can be ideal for fuel and stomach comfort as liquids empty more quickly from the stomach than solid foods. Busy schedules (e.g. school, etc) means that meals and snacks may have to be organised for eating ‘on the run’.

Body composition has an important role in the success of divers (for agility, dynamic power and technique). As nutrition has a key role in managing body composition and performance, any athlete wishing to change their body composition should consult with an Accredited Sports Dietitian for best outcomes.