Equipment of Diving

Depth gauge

Depth gauge lets the diver monitor depth, particularly maximum depth and, when used with a watch and Decompression tables, also allows the diver to monitor decompression requirements. Some digital depth gauges also indicate ascent rate which is an important factor in avoiding decompression sickness


Pneumofathometer is the surface supplied diving depth gauge which displays the depth of the diver at the surface control panel.

Diving watch

Diving watch is used with depth gauge for decompression monitoring when using decompression tables. Largely superseded by dive computers, where elapsed time is one of the standard displays, and time of day may also be available.

Dive timer

Dive timer is an instrument that displays and records depth and elapsed time during the dive. It is usually possible to extract the information after the dive. This function is often available as “Gauge setting” on dive computers.

Diving compass

Diving compass for underwater navigation. This is often a selectable function of a dive computer.

Submersible pressure gauge

Submersible pressure gauge, also known as a “contents gauge” is used to monitor the remaining breathing gas supply in scuba cylinders.

Dive computer

Dive computer helps the diver to avoid decompression sickness by indicating the decompression stops needed for the dive profile. Most dive computers also indicate depth, time and ascent rate. Some also indicate oxygen toxicity exposure and water temperature, and may provide other functions. A display of cylinder pressure is available on air-integrated computers, either via a direct high pressure hose, or remotely via a pressure transducer and through-water transmission.

Distance line

Distance line or “come-home-line” can be used to guide the diver back to the start point and safety in poor visibility. A cave line is a line laid by a diver while penetrating a cave to ensure that the way out is known. Permanent cave lines are marked with line markers at all junctions, indicating the direction along the line toward the nearest exit.