3*3 Basketball

3×3 basketball (pronounced 3 on 3 or 3×3) is a form of the game played three a side on one basketball hoop. According to an ESSEC Business School study commissioned by the International Olympic Committee, 3×3 is the largest urban team sport in the world. This basketball game format is currently being promoted and structured by FIBA, the sport’s governing body. Its primary competition is an annual FIBA 3X3 World Tour, comprising a series of Masters and one Final tournament, and awarding six-figure prize money in US dollars. The FIBA 3×3 World Cups for men and women are the highest tournaments for national 3×3 teams.

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Necessary Information


3×3 has been a basketball format long played in streets and gyms across the world,


Records of 3×3 Basketball


Professional leagues like NBA have very precise parameters for official basketball

Rules and Regulations

FIBA releases from time-to-time a supplement rules specifically for 3×3 basketball

Injury & Medical Advice

Injuries while playing basketball are commonly caused by falls, player contact etc


Competitions of 3×3-Basketball

Talent Search Program

Talent Search Program of  3×3-Basketball


Training of 3×3-Basketball


A healthy pattern helps to support the needs of the fit energetic basketball player

Personality Development

Personality Development of 3×3-Basketball